Once upon a time I announced my goal to read 40 books out of my own bookcases.

Thankfully I put no time limit on that goal because months passed and I had only read exactly five. That’s right –  five books in 10 months.

I loved Book #1.

I loved Book #2.

Book #3 is when it turned rough for me because I couldn’t get “into” the book. My reading sessions became few and far between. Before I knew it, months had passed, and I was still “reading” this book…except the bookmark was not actually moving.

I finally realized and accepted that not reading this book was in fact keeping me from reading books I want to be reading. So, after many months, I decided to put Book #3 back in my bookcase unfinished.

I am not blaming Book #3 for my lapse in reading. I am blaming myself for not knowing when to give up on Book #3.


Because when I did give up on Book #3, I began the wonderful experience of Book #4, which moved me to the core. I will be forever thankful I read Book # 4.

I then started off in awe of Book #5, but I did not end up liking it.


Interestingly, books #3 and #5, one which I couldn’t finish and another I was relieved to finally finish, both received very good reviews. One won a MAJOR award, and the other’s author has won a MAJOR award.

Likewise, I recommended a favorite, Book #4, to several people who started it, yet interestingly no one has mentioned finishing it. So an award-winning book may stall me, yet the book I revel in may stall someone else.

As for me, I am done with stalling. If pages are not turning, I am moving on.

Any guesses to which one is which???


This post was originally published in early 2016.