I’ve been invited to two baby showers lately where the hostess asks us to “sign a book instead of a card.”

I love this idea! Of course I usually give books for baby gifts anyway, at least as part of my gift.

Over and over, I buy the same book for new babies. So now I need to order two more(If I am invited to your shower stop reading now, and if you were invited to the same shower as me save this info. for next time! 😉

Richard Scarry’s Best Storybook Ever is super nostalgic for me, but that’s not the only reason I think it’s the perfect book to give at a baby shower or to a new baby!

This “Golden Book” is a bargain for a nice, thick hardcover book that looks great in a child’s room but is also fun (for parents and kids) to read. It is is 288 pages long with engaging pictures and includes “82” short stories. Most of the stories are super short, so you can jump in and read just one or several at a time.

The book includes my favorite: “Father Bear’s Mitten.”

My other favorites from this book are “The Fox and the Crow” and “Is this the House of Mistress Mouse?” There are SO many stories in this book; everyone is likely to find favorites.

I have this book from my own childhood – that retro version has a pink cover. Imagine my delight when my husband came along with his own copy signed by his grandmother! So now we have two retro versions of this book as well as a newer version for our own kids!

What are your favorite books to give for baby gifts?