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Why I love new books – a Blogoversary post

For my very first blog post on LesliesBookcase.com one year ago today, I wrote about why I love old books.

Before this blog, I had not read “new books” in many years because I had been working on my M.A. in English Literature, specifically studying Joyce’s Ulysses, and after that I was trying to read through my bookcases.

So for several years, decades even, best sellers and new releases were not on my radar, but now…

In the past year thanks to this blogging adventure, I have discovered how much I ALSO LOVE NEW BOOKS.

So in honor of my “blogoversary” here are  5 reasons I love new books. I apologize to my old books; please do know I still love you and plan to read you too (but maybe not as much).

5 Reasons I Love New Books

  1.  I can finish them.

Granted I am very particular about what I decide to read, but in the past year I have finished almost all the books I have started. (In the past I had gotten “stuck” in some of my old books). And with so many new books, including those from the past decade when I wasn’t reading them, it’s easy to find (too) many that interest me.

2. I can be one of the first to read a book.

With my new privileges on NetGalley as a book blogger, I can read a new book before its official release date.

3. Other people care about new books.

So when I find these great new books, people are actually interested in them! Thus it is easier to convince someone to read a new book instead of a book he or she could have read decades ago and either already did or didn’t.

4. Other people have read them.

And when I want to discuss these books with other people; other people have actually read them and may want to discuss. (Unlike Ulysses but I’m working on that!)

5. I can actually communicate with these authors.

When I find a new book I love I can usually find the author on Twitter and tell him or her that I loved the book. I can even ask them a question!! This is not the case with Joyce and others from last century….

Thanks to this blog and the sense of responsibility it has given me, I have read more books in the past year than I read during the previous five years together.

So thank you for joining me on this adventure, for reading, commenting, recommending, and buying the books I recommend on LesliesBookcase.

I will still occasionally blog about old books…they do fill my bookcases after all. This blog will continue to celebrate unforgettable books, old and new.

To conclude this celebration of my blogoversary, here’s a round-up of my most popular posts from the past year:

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And my most popular post is still this:  All the Missing Girls (my first review I loved and is now a paperback bestseller!)

Thanks again for your support, and happy reading!




  1. Happy anniversary! I can’t wait to check out your lists.

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