I was “accidentally” eavesdropping on a conversation the other day – it looked like a first date and I just couldn’t help myself because I was well within earshot! Well thank goodness because that’s how I heard of this new show on TNT, Will, about a young Shakespeare.

The girl said she and her roommates or friends were getting together to watch it later that evening (this was Monday – it airs on Monday nights on TNT and is also “On Demand” if you have Comcast.)

Oh how I remember those fun days when I would watch my shows with friends! But now I prefer everyone to be in bed before I even start my show, so I can enjoy the TV to myself in the dark – ha!!

But I am soooo thankful to this girl for turning me on to this show which I checked out last night.

Will is a “modern” retelling of Shakespeare’s career in the style of the “Moulin Rouge” movie and some elements that reminded me of The Great Gatsby movie, meaning that it is colorful, and a bit fantastical with the scenery and costumes. The music is also super modern.

Overall this show is a feast for the eyes!

And the drama!! In this first episode, Shakespeare has left his young wife and family of three kids to go to London to make a name for himself. His wife is pissed! And his neighbors are thrusting some letters in his hands to take with him. I am going to watch some of this over again because I didn’t catch all of this which includes an element of religious persecution (he is Catholic). When he arrives in London, he immerses himself in the theater scene with Christopher Marlowe and a theater owner’s attractive daughter. There is an excellent scene of a poetry slam when he finds his voice and confidence.

A critic could likely find some issues with some of this, for one I am not sure it is even close to historically accurate, but I’m not going to be a critic here. I am just going to enjoy it!! Won’t you enjoy it with me??

Here’s the link to the official trailer if you need more convincing.

Just wow!!!