Culturally and emotionally fulfilling, The Prague Sonata: A Novel is a quest set around music and war.

A young musicologist receives a gift of a hauntingly beautiful 18th century sonata manuscript, with the request she locate the other two movements to the sonata and put it into the hands original owner who separated it during WWII to protect it from the Nazis. The work is clearly the composition of a master composer but who?? And because the manuscript obviously has value she isn’t the only one trying to locate it.

The story moves among several time periods and locations. It has intrigue, mystery, likeable characters, and historical and musical significance, and lots of Kafka references.

I love books that make me feel smarter and more culturally rounded for having read them.  I have no musical background but readers who do would probably enjoy this book on another level.

Also one of my grandmothers was of Czech descent so that aspect was particularly interesting to me.

As the year wraps up, I will soon be selecting my “favorite 5 reads of the year” so check back! Definitely a contender here, but I need to give it some more thought.





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