Me at Hemingway's house in Key West, FL.

Me at Hemingway’s house in Key West.

I have loved books since childhood.

As the daughter of two readers, one a high school English teacher, I grew up with books everywhere.

Tying to be practical, I studied business in College (University of Illinois – go Illini!!) but unfortunately I soon realized I hated business.

Maneuvering through several jobs, I thankfully ended up as a communications and marketing professional, which suits me well. At some point during this journey, I decided to go back to school and study something for which I had a passion. So…I went to grad school part-time (for about eight years total working full-time, most of this time, and having two kids during these years!) but I finally completed my M.A. in English Literature by writing about the pub scenes in James Joyce’s Ulysses!

I loved grad school and miss the classroom conversations about books. I missed writing about books too, but I prefer doing it on my own terms instead of academic format. So that’s why I started this blog.

What is Leslie’s Bookcase?

This blog is an outlet for discussing the books I love; this includes the one I just read as well as one I read 20 years ago but still think about. This is important: This blog is not just about the book itself but about what a book can add to our lives.  My posts won’t spoil a book for you…I may talk about my favorite parts but this is only in hopes that you will want to read and find and/or remember your own favorite parts.  I am always interested in hearing what you love about a certain book.

My goal is to recommend books you may want to read and provide reflections that add value to your life whether you read the book or not.

What I read

The background photos of a bookcase on this blog…those are really my bookcases, and I love keeping my REAL hard-copy books in them. I am currently trying to read through these bookcases. I love to pick up “classics” that have been waiting their turn on my shelves for some time. I think that most of us still have many books we should have read but never did. There are also a ton of books I want to re-read!

Professional Reader I am a NetGalley member and receive advance copies of some books in exchange for an honest review.  (These I get electronically, so I am getting more comfortable with kindle reading!) Although I will always provide feedback to them on what I accept, on my blog, I am most likely to only write about the books I ended up loving and wholeheartedly recommend for my readers.

The Read with Me page will tell you what I’m reading now.

When I’m not blogging

If I’m not blogging or reading, I’m spending time with my family, working, reading the newspaper (also still prefer a paper copy!), cheering on the Cubs or Fighting Illini, and/or enjoying a beverage.

Thanks for reading my blog!