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Books my 3rd grader can’t put down!

I love that my kids love to read. My oldest will actually read through football games and shopping trips. Sometimes it’s a bit much, even for me! And when I’ve mentioned his habits to other parents – and parents have actually stopped us in a store or at a game – they want to know: What is he reading that is soooo engrossing??

So I put together a different type of reading list than my usual.

These recommendations are for (approximately) 3rd graders. Most of these are OK for 2nd-4th graders; my son can read at a higher level; however, he still prefers books in the “doodle fiction” or cartoon-ish genre. Even though he is an avid reader, he is VERY particular about what he wants to read. The books that are just pure words that I wish he would read, well he is just not too interested yet. And I’ve decided not to fight it for now, because at least he is reading…right?? So because the books I’ve listed are not too “heavy,” they are great picks for kids who aren’t as excited about reading as well as for those who are already bookworms.

And these books are all part of a series so you can go back for more if the first one is a hit with your child! Continue reading

My unexpected testimonial for Hands Free Mama

First let me admit I initially avoided reading Hands Free Mama: A Guide to Putting Down the Phone, Burning the To-Do List, and Letting Go of Perfection to Grasp What Really Matters!

This book only ended up in my possession because a friend had it on her baby registry…so I gave it a quick read before passing it on to her as a gift. I know this is sort of tacky but she is such a good friend that if she is reading this hopefully she is laughing and won’t mind! (Now I can finally get it in the mail hahaha!!)

Anyway, I avoided this book because I thought I knew what it would say…”just put down your phone,” right?…and I was correct, but I certainly didn’t know how she would say this and how it would affect me.

Already I have made changes in my life that I can attribute to this book. And I promise when you make these changes, however minor they may be, when you see someone else doing what you used to do, you will feel so good about your new habits that you will stick to them! At least this has been my experience so far.

So…I’m going to summarize some of her points below, but if technology addiction/distraction applies to you at all, I recommend picking the book up and reading it yourself.

Here are just ten thoughts and quotes from this powerful book:

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My go-to baby gift book

I’ve been invited to two baby showers lately where the hostess asks us to “sign a book instead of a card.”

I love this idea! Of course I usually give books for baby gifts anyway, at least as part of my gift.

Over and over, I buy the same book for new babies. So now I need to order two more(If I am invited to your shower stop reading now, and if you were invited to the same shower as me save this info. for next time! 😉

Richard Scarry’s Best Storybook Ever is super nostalgic for me, but that’s not the only reason I think it’s the perfect book to give at a baby shower or to a new baby!

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Sweet Pickles – (My) Favorite Children’s Books Part I

Books in the Sweet Pickles series would not get past a publisher today; and that’s why I love them!

I’ll be blogging about my favorite children’s books (from the reader perspective!) in a three-part series; first I’m discussing a series from my own childhood that I’m lucky to still have in my bookcases!

Maybe you, too, remember the town of Sweet Pickles?

Twenty-six animals, each with a defining personality characteristic, live together in this town. They live together in harmony…. well when they are not trapping each other under manholes, blocking each other in their apartments with bags of nuts, or dropping water balloons on each other from three stories high (and yes, all of these scenes are all colorfully illustrated).

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Dr. Suess and the power of a gift

Beyond the immense power of words and themes, a gifted book carries even more emotional weight.

Dr. Suess’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go was a gift from my fifth grade teacher; he brought it to my high school graduation. He brought this and a roll of toilet paper, signed by my fifth grade class, but that’s a whole other story.

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Father Bear’s mitten, my first critical reading

For the past five years, I have spent more time reading children’s books than anything else. The back cover of Richard Scarry’s Good Night Little Bear says, “Each of us remembers our own favorite Little Golden Book.” I recently discovered we may remember even more about them than we realize.


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